Shot Blasting Equipment and Solutions
Shot Blasting Equipment and Solutions
Equipment and Solutions

Shot Blasting Equipment and Surface Preparation Solutions

AWSFS has provided superior shot blasting equipment and surface preparation solutions to key markets and customers worldwide, with offices and support personnel located all over the world.

Our innovation does not end with the delivery of your new machine; we provide complete care for the life of your equipment and can keep it running at peak performance and safety levels for decades.

Shot blasting machines

Our latest Products

Sand Blasting Machines, Blastroom Systems, Abrasive Blasting Cabinets, Airless Shotblasting Machines, Paint Spray Booth and Ovens, Powder Coating Systems, Air Compressor

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We believe through hard work and perseverance, we will continue to provide sustainable, innovative solutions that foster the development and growth for our customers.

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Our Solutions for Industries

At AWSFS, we provide our custom blend of blast cleaning solutions to a wide variety of sectors all around the world. The company's long-term goal is to grow internationally by producing high-quality goods that can compete in export markets around the world.

Shotblasting Industrial Solutions


Our impressive portfolio of peening, cleaning, and deburring installations is built on decades of experience...

Shotblasting  Agriculture solutions


Leading agricultural and heavy equipment manufacturers rely on our equipment for their surface preparation needs.

Shotblasting supplier of automotive manufacturers


We are a leading supplier of metal finishing and peening equipment to global OEMs and automotive manufacturers.

Shotblasting Defense and Military equipments and solutions

Defense & Military

AWSFS has been a preferred supplier to the defense industry around the globe, as well as the United States Armed Forces.

Energy & Power equipments and solutions

Energy & Power

The “green-energy” sector is a growing part of our business and a strong focus. Power plants, turbines, and windmills...

Shotblasting Foundry & Forge equipments and solutions

Foundry & Forge

With a large global installation base, we manufacture a variety of solutions exclusively designed for foundry and forging applications.

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Why AWSFSfastest growing engineering company

shot blasting machines

As a manufacturing unit, we are able to pool our resources and expertise to produce better results for our clients.

sand blasting process

Every day, we strive to improve things. The desire to increase efficiency drives all products, processes, and developments.

New ideas and technologies ensure the company's future. As a result, we encourage and support an environment of innovation and future development.

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