The rolls are etched for generating desired surface roughness so that the sheets being rolled out can have inbuilt roughness to facilitate proper bonding of paint. During the rolling process, the roll loses the surface roughness due to friction. Periodically, these rolls are etched for maintaining desired surface roughness. The rolls being of harder nature, Pressure type Abrasive Blasting Machine using Aluminum Oxide, Chilled Iron Grit of 12-25 mesh or steel shots of coarser grade are quite popular.

The blasting equipment is featured with motorizedwork car with motorized job rotation facility. The roll is loaded outside the blasting cabinet on work car which moves on track extension. The blasting nozzle reciprocates while job rotates in blasting cabinet. The operator is to simply load and unload the job. The abrasive recovery is automatic and fabric bag type dust collection system is incorporated to keep the dust emission level within permissible limits.

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